The Don Cornelius Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit formed by the family of Donald C. Cornelius, Creator of "Soul Train", who ended his life by suicide on February 1, 2012.

Renaissance man, Don Cornelius' entrepreneurial spirit and vast contributor to television, music, the arts and popular culture is unparalleled. In keeping in the tradition of entrepreneurship as it relates to television, music and the arts, The Don Cornelius Foundation is also committed to establishing programs to support those in transition and in need of healing.

The Foundation's dedicated mission is to establish programs for awareness, prevention, and support for those contemplating suicide, or survivors who have lost loved ones.

The Don Cornelius Foundation, Inc. will launch its inaugural "People All Over The World" campaign in early 2013.

P.O. Box 69467
Los Angeles, CA 90069
"Life is Beautiful, Precious and Worth Living"
If in Need of Help Please Call
(800) 273-Talk (8255)